Joël Jégo your practitioner

With the Transformational Breath® sessions that I practice either in English or in French, I will bring you a safe and supportive environment to help you to expand your breathing and to transform your life. My personal development journey transformed my life, that is what I want to offer you with my practice.
I am France’s Leader with the Transformational Breath® Foundation.

My personal development journey to Transformational Breath®

I started my journey in personal development fifteen years ago. In 2007, my company transferred me to work in Australia for 4 years. Experiencing the remoteness from my roots, the emotional quest, many personal questions, led me to undertake several personal development courses.

My first Conscious Connected Breathing session

It was during one of these courses where I experienced my first Conscious Connected Breathing session. It was at this point that I understood that the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing suited me well; being a very analytical person, because listening to my body allowed me to access my shadow side unforeseen before. I then began with individual sessions and after I attended a seven-day retreat based on this Rebirthing breathwork technique. And I congratulate myself for having embraced fully these experiences, as the course of my life truly changed since. They helped me to find the purpose of my life, to strengthen my self-confidence, to feel more self-love and lots more.
Whereas I had done my entire career during 26 years in financial executive positions in large groups in France, Belgium and Australia, in 2009 I decided to move towards a career in which people interaction will be at the heart of it.

Intense training

I then undertook a journey of intense training in supporting others to achieve their aims, then I became certified Coach and Rebirthing certified practitioner. I’m also trained in NLP, systemic approach and transactional analysis.

First time with Transformational Breath®

In the course of summer 2014, while attending the annual conference of breathwork practitioners, the Golbal Insipiration Conference, I experienced Transformational Breath for the first time. Then I understood that this technic is more advanced than Rebirthing that I was praticing till then, because it inludes other modalities: breath analysis, sound therapy, body mapping, acupressure, cozching and some spiritual principes. Then, I have been trained and certified in Transformational Breath® by Dr Judith Kravitz in the United States.

Training and Certification

  • Coach certified (individual and team) – Coach Académie
  • Transformational Breath® certified facilitator & trainer – Dr Judtih Kravitz
  • NLP practitioner – Coach Académie
  • Systemic Approach practitioner – Intitut Repère
  • 101 Transactional Analysis practitioner – Le DÔJÔ
  • Appreciative Inquiry practitioner – IFAI
  • Golden® practitioner – ECPA
  • Odyssee 360® practitioner – ECPA
  • Rebirthing certified practitioner – Transformative Education International
  • Bilingual English-French
  • Member of ICF France (International Coach Federation)
  • Member and National Coordinator of IBF (International Breathwork Foundation)

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Start your transformation

The only way to really know what it is about is to experience a Transformational Breath® session. Then, please contact me and let’s fix an appointment.